Demacia Street Scene Layout Sketch

Maisie yang copy of demacia street scene final final

Sketch for Demacia architecture and street layout.

Demacia Street Scene Blockout

Maisie yang demacia street scene compwip 02
Maisie yang demacia street scene compwip 03
Maisie yang demacia street scene compwip 01

Layout concept for Demacian architecture and streets. Published in the Lux Comic paperback.

We were trying to establish a sense for what the city within Demacia would look like. From our previous explorations, we knew that Demacia was a grand, open place. At the same time, it also values family rank and nobility. This led to concepting the wide boulevards that could be used for royal processions. An additional worldbuilding concept was that some arterial roadways would be elevated above others, and could only be used by people of rank -- commoners would literally have to look up to royalty, nobility, and families of prestige.